I am Elisabeth, an independent active friendly escort in Stockholm, Sweden. Fascinated by peoples sexual fantasies and desires I have truly found my own sexuality as a professional mistress.

If you are a respectful gentleman, prude on the surface, but wild at heart... looking forward to meet someone with a playful mind and a naughty body, then... please send me a quote.

"Everything is dangerous, my dear fellow. If it wasn't so, life wouldn't be worth living"

Oscar Wilde



Two simple choices:

2 h - 5000SEK (rendezvous)

4 h - 9000SEK (dinnerdate)

Please contact me by emailing me. I don't have time to answer a phone and have therefor chosen written communication. If you wish to speak with me before our meeting I will most certainly give you my private number after the first email contact.


Please send me an email with a description of your persona, interests and so on...

Email: Stockholm.inviteme@gmail.com

Tell me about yourself, what you wish to experience on a date and don't forget what day and time would be suitable to meet.

I will have a thorough look at the application and decide whether we are a good match or not.
Don't be shy about being sexually specific.
I respect all kinds of kinks!

Please note that I will not be available for a date the same day. Short notice is just impossible!

Looking forward to your email.

Kindest Regards